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For Xcode 5

Download tiny static library for Xcode 5, then link your app against it and get garbage collected.

* Recommend extracting it to your ~/Library/iGC folder, add project settings:
OTHER_LDFLAGS = -u __iGC__ -liGC

Sample code

The source code of MMTips in AppStore

MMTips Available on the App Store

Open-source Games/Apps

Examples open-source games and apps with iGC

Climbers Available on the App Store

Tweejump Available on the App Store

Color Matching

Castle Hassle Available on the App Store

Molecules Available on the App Store


Note: The iGC static libraries in the following packages are obsolete, replace them with iGC2-lean instead.

iGC SDK 2.0 (RC3)

For Xcode 4.6

Download this all-in-one package for Xcode 4.6 ~ 4.6.3 (Lion or Mountain Lion). It contains iGC core, documentations, samples and everything you need for developing iOS apps with garbage collection.

* Xcode must be installed at the default location "/Applications/Xcode.app".